About us



Rayan Advanced Industries is based on several values and concepts, and quality is our priority. The factory is one of the leading entities in the manufacture of transformative products in Saudi Arabia and at the regional level as well, as it owns modern and advanced production lines. The factory was established in 1989 AD in the second industrial area in Riyadh On an area of 4,500 square meters. The expansion was done in several stages, bringing the total area to 43,000 square meters, and the total number of factories during the following years became 5 factories.

Complying to their aspirations and expectations, the factory took it upon itself to meet the needs of customers of all types of plastic packaging products with the highest technical standards and advanced technology, which made us one of the most prominent manufacturers of high-quality packaging materials for our customers. Specialized in supporting health sector factories mainly and other industrial sectors and the commercial sector, at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the Middle East as well. The factory pays great attention to innovation and strives continuously to keep pace with evolutions in order to achieve the aspirations of its customers in providing final products with excellent materials and high quality. Creating new opportunities in manufacturing and offering a wide range of solutions through the constant studying and closely monitoring the market needs in this aspect enables us to.

Our company have an outstanding cadre of highly qualified engineers, elite technicians and quality controllers, and highly trained and experienced workforce.

Rayan's Vision

To be the first provider for complete solutions in flexible packaging industries in Saudi Arabia and Arab Gulf region. As well as to be a pillar manufacturer of flexible packaging products, and in particular the specialized products, in the world, by successfully meeting the needs of local and global markets while complying to the highest industry standards.

Rayan's Mission

Relying on modern and innovative manufacturing techniques to provide distinguished and high quality products, to meet the customers’ aspirations and expectations.

Rayan's Value

Transforming engineering concepts, quickly and steadily, into high-quality products through a clear understanding of the requirements, starting with the idea through the concept till full implementation repetitively with best results possibl.

The Quality

By implementing an integrated quality system, monitoring with key performance indicators and complying to the highest standards in all production and manufacturing stages, the factory is committed to produces products with high quality and comprehensive solutions